Joe Biden: ‘Isn’t it a B*tch’ Being Vice President?

‘Sometimes, Joe Biden says stuff’

BERMAN: “So sometimes Joe Biden says stuff. The vice president had a speaking engagement at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics last night. Afterwards, a member of the student government tried to fire off a question, so listen to this.”

[clip starts]

UNKNOWN: “I’m a senior at the college. I’m the vice president of the student body here.”

BIDEN: “Isn’t it a bitch? I mean -- (Laugher) -- Excuse me. That vice president thing?” (Applause)

[clip ends]

BERMAN: “All right, I have to give that one a genuinely funny thing. But the vice president afterwards, assured the student that he really loves his job of being vice president and he also likes 'the guy that he works for.'”

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