Scarborough: Paul Ryan Is Walking in Lockstep with Trump and Is Undermining the Rule of Law

‘I like Paul Ryan, I’m sure he does not like me because of the facts that unfortunately we’ve had to present on this show everyday’


SCARBOROUGH: "He also said that — well, there’s so many things to say about that press conference are just false. You know, I’m not surprised by a lot that goes on in Washington, D.C., but I will tell you I’ve been shocked by how Paul Ryan has acted this past week and how he’s now walking in lockstep with Donald Trump and he’s doing it in a way that undermines constitutional norms, that undermines the rule of law, that undermines the F.B.I.’s efforts to run around America and save us all from the next terrorist attack against American civilians, that undermines the Justice Department’s ability to work effectively day in and day out. And I’ll just start this hour with 'The Washington Post’s editorial that said Mr. Ryan bears full responsibility for the deterioration of congressional oversight of intelligence operations. It is sad to see Mr. Ryan allow the reputation of the House to be tarnished in this way." 

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