Scarborough: James Comey Basically Handed Trump the Presidency

‘Donald Trump is attacking the leadership of the FBI’

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SCARBOROUGH: “And all you have to do is go back and see what Donald Trump said about James Comey after James Comey basically handed him the presidency. It is so important for everybody to remember. Donald Trump is attacking the leadership of the F.B.I. This is the F.B.I. that investigated against Hillary Clinton for a year and a half. This is the F.B.I. that at times leaked and the Clinton people would tell you leaked all the time throughout the campaign. So there were constantly stories on the front pages of the newspaper about the state of the investigation. This is the F.B.I. that released a letter ten days beforehand at the urging of Peter Strzok, who helped draft the memo. That was released ten days before and there’s not a historian that writes a book on the 2016 election, Willie, that won’t say that that put wind back in Donald Trump’s sails, his campaign was down in some polls by 10, 12 points around that time. And he came back and he won."

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