Tucker: For Dems, Everything Trump Says Is Hate Speech Even Things They Once Agreed With

‘Donald Trump remains controversial as a person but the bulk of his positions are not controversial’

CARLSON: "Well, good evening and welcome to “Tucker Carlson tonight.” President Trump gave his first state of the union. You probably saw it. What was strikes is how oinary it was. You heard broad appeals to national unity and calls for strong borders and you heard warm words for the country’s bedroom institutions from the family to the democratic process. Outside the faculty lounge most Americans like these things, they agree with them. Donald Trump remains controversial as a person but the bulk of his positions are not controversial. Check the polling. And the key thing to know about the current politics, it’s mostly personal. If you read the Trump speech in a British accent most people would applaud. Last night’s state of the union was not delivered in a British accent. Democrats did not applaud. In the modern party everything Donald Trump is hate speech even things Democrats once agreed with. He has changed the Republican Party but not nearly as much as his administration has changed Democrats. If you just returned from a year abroad, prepare yourself, you will not recognize the Democratic Party. Last night democratic members refuse to stand or clap when he praised the military or veterans or the flag and some refuse to stand for Steve Scalise."

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