Doug Collins on Trump’s Call for Prison Reform: ‘This Is a Money and Moral Issue’

‘We were pleased to see the president last night talk about reintegrated folks back into society’

COLLINS: "Well hopefully it is going to happen very soon. We were pleased to see the president last night talk about reintegrated folks back into society. This is a money and moral issue, about people who have made a mistake many times and trying to get their life back but the way our prison — our federal prison system operates, they don’t operate on systematic — what our bill does is begins the process from the time they go into prison working a plan and putting the tools in place to find the skills whether issues of mental health or drug addiction or skill gaps in learning or capabilities so they could begin to make a progress report to get them to a workplace or half way house to get reintegrated. If we are putting them in jail and leaving them there, we are getting nothing in return. And this is why I think the president understands this. I’ve had long conversations with the White House and we’re hopeful in the next few months to make a difference in people’s lives ab that is what the president was trying to say last night. Everybody deserves a chance and can make a mistake but when they come out, we want to make sure they have the tools and skills to do that. We’ve seen it work in states and now trying to put that scientist approach in the federal prison."

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