Eddie Glaude Jr.: It’s ‘Bizarro World’ When Republicans Are Going After the DoJ and FBI

‘For me this makes no sense in that sense’


GLAUDE JR.: “But this is bizarre overall. To be in a political context where Republicans are going after the Justice Department and the F.B.I., for me this makes no sense in that sense. It’s bizarre-o world. But there’s a convergence of two things happening in my mind. One, there’s Trump’s legitimate fears and paranoia converging with what once was a fringe view that the deep state threatened liberty. People we associated with folks out in Oregon or Western Pennsylvania, now that view seems to be at the center of the Republican Party. So you have in interesting sorts of ways Trump's fears and paranoia, it’s legitimate fears the Mueller investigation is closing in on him, converging with this view that the deep state always threatens one's liberty. And what you get is Nunes and the Intelligence Committee, Republicans trying to release a memo to undermine the Justice Department and the F.B.I.”

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