CNN’s Tapper: ‘Trump’s Already Had His Months-Long Version’ of Nixon’s ‘Saturday Night Massacre’

‘We’re all just sitting around and waiting to see how far President Trump is willing to push this’


TAPPER: "The president has also contemplated firing deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein who oversees the probe. On top of it all, all that we know now, President Trump ordered that Mueller be fired as well. Now, whether or not this all constitutes obstruction of justice or attempted obstruction of justice, that will be up to Robert Mueller and the Congress, maybe even a judge. What is clearer is the political fact that President Trump has already had his months-long version of president Richard Nixon’s Saturday night massacre when Nixon ordered attorney general Elliott Richardson to fire independent special prosecutor Archibald cox. Richardson refused, leading to Richardson’s resignation and that of deputy attorney general Williams ruckelshouse. And trump has already fired Comey but unlike with Nixon, mcgahn’s pushback worked. Still, we’re all just sitting around and waiting to see how far President Trump is willing to push this and how much his advisers and Republicans in Congress are willing to put up with."

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