Deirdre Bolton: ‘President Trump Broke up with the World’ with TPP and the U.S. and the World Have to Move On

‘The rest of the world is moving on’

BOLTON: “So that’s very interesting. If we could have done the tpp differently, we would have. Listen, I think President Trump broke up with the world and now he’s kind of like the U.S. Has to move on, the rest of the world is moving on. Canadian pm said, I am quoting him, a victory for Progressive trade. I think Japan is more than happy to fill a role perhaps than we’ve left on the side. But it just under lines what we have heard from this administration from the get go, which the bilateral trade. We heard the same thing in Davos as well with the treasury secretary saying anyone who wants to do trade with the U.S., we are open. The U.S. wants it on its own term, which I think, you know, if you have a leader who is strong, maybe a little more difficult.”


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