Mary Anne Marsh: Mueller Has Marched to Trump’s ‘Doorstep and that Has Put Him in a Box’

‘If Donald Trump tries to fight this interview that will create a political crisis’


MARSH: "They may think so, but ultimately he will have to do it. He may try to kick the can down the road and it would go to the courts, but ultimately Donald Trump is going to have to speak to Robert Mueller. And that’s the problem. Mueller has methodically marched his way to Donald Trump’s doorstep and that has put him in a box. If Donald Trump tries to fight this interview, that will create a political crisis. If he fires Mueller, which we've heard much about, that will create a political crisis. And if Donald Trump does not answer truthfully and honestly, if he does this interview when he does his interview, that is an even bigger problem that would put him in more jeopardy than he is likely in now. So while Donald Trump is always confident about his ability to persuade anybody about anything, the truth and the facts are the thing that are going to determine Donald Trump’s fate with Robert Mueller."

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