Fox News: U.S. Airstrike Kills 150 ISIS Fighters

‘News from the Pentagon now saying it has killed more than 100 ISIS fighters in an air strike’


HEMMER: "9:31 now here in New York. A successful and major operation in the fight to crush ISIS. News from the Pentagon now saying that it has killed more than 100 fighters in an air strike. This is near the border between Syria and Iraq. Lucas Tomlinson live from the Pentagon for more on this. And it seems significant, how big was this air strike, Lucas?"
TOMLINSON: "Bill, it was one of the largest air strikes against ISIS in the past year. The U.S. military estimating it killed roughly 150 ISIS fighters in eastern Syria in one of the last remaining pockets of ISIS territory along Euphrates River near the border with Iraq. The massive air strike occurred while the U.S. government was shut down Saturday. So technically the pilots did this for free. It followed more than a week of round the clock surveillance overhead by U.S.-backed fires from the Syrian Democratic Forces or SDF on the ground. U.S.-led coalition has launched nearly 30,000 air strikes against ISIS since 2014." 

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