Henry Cuellar: I’m Going to Vote No on Keeping the Gov’t Open to Put Leverage on GOP

‘I’m going to put leverage on by voting no’


CAMEROTA: "And they overstayed -- they overstayed their visas. And the wall doesn’t solve that problem. And so --"
CUELLAR: "It doesn't solve that issue."
CAMEROTA: "Listen, I mean, the reason that we are trying -- we're sort of getting bogged down in trying to define all of this is because this is the sticking point with funding the government and keeping the government open. And so how today -- there is a vote in the House tonight -- how are you going to vote on whether to keep the government open?"
CUELLAR: "Well, you know, certainly I want to put leverage on the Republicans because they got to earn their own votes. You know, they have the majority, they should be able to govern. So I certainly want to put the leverage on it. But I've said this back when we have to shutdown because of the healthcare by the Republicans. I don’t think one single issue should shutdown the government. I don't want to see it."
CAMEROTA: "So you are going to vote yes?"
CUELLAR: "Well, I’m going to put leverage on it by voting no. But if -- if -- if my vote counts to keep the government open, I will vote yes. But I want to put the pressure on the Republicans so they can govern. They’re in the majority right now."

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