Reporter to Dr. Ronny Jackson: Are You Ruling Out Things Like Early Onset Alzheimer’s, Dementia?’

‘The fact that the president got 30 out of 30 on that exam I think there’s no indication he has any cognitive issues’

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REPORTER: “Could you just elaborate in layman’s term as possible — and you did a great job with that — what you ruled out in these cognitive tests? You know, there have been reports that the president has forgotten names, that he's repeating himself. Are you ruling out things like early onset Alzheimer’s, are you looking at dementia like symptoms. And then a second question, a lot of doctors at the back end of the physical like to give the patient tips, before they lock out the door, things that they should change in terms of lifestyle or behavior. What did you tell the president outside of diet that he might want to change?”
JACKSON: “Yes. So I think that cognitive test, it’s well respected. It’s a test that’s used throughout the United States, lots and lots of institutions use that test. It’s the one they use at Walter Reed for patients that they feel like they need to do cognitive screens on. So it’s a -- it's universally accepted test. Like I said it’s a little bit more extensive than some of the shorter ones that are in some of the guidelines. But, yeah, it screens for all those things."

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