Keith Boykin Loses It on CNN Guest for Suggesting Trump is Improving Lives of African-Americans

‘This nonsense that is going on out here from Carrie. Carrie, this is ridiculous’

Keith Boykin Loses it On CNN Guest For Suggesting Trump is Improving Lives of African-Americans (Mediaite)

Keith Boykin blew up on fellow CNN political commentator Carrie Sheffield after she claimed the policies of President Donald Trumpwere helping to improve the lives of African-Americans.

“I would love to see more unifying language coming from the Republican leadership, I’d love to see it coming from the president,” Sheffield first said, during a discussion of the reports that Trump called immigrants from Africa “people from shithole countries.”

“But I do think it is also important to look again at the policies and see how the lives of African-Americans have been improved,” Sheffield continued.

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