John Lewis: MLK’s Daughter Is Wrong, He Would Not Have Met with Trump

‘I think he would have took the same position that I took’


HOSTIN: "Dr. King’s daughter though Bernice thinks her father would have met with Trump if he were alive. Do you agree with that?"
LEWIS: "Well I knew -- I knew her father very, very well."
HOSTIN: "Yes."
LEWIS: "I met him when I was 18. I first heard of him when I was 15."
HOSTIN: "Mm-hmm."
LEWIS: "And meeting him, working with him and getting to know him, I think he would have took the same position that I took."
HOSTIN: "Really? He would not have met with him?"
BEHAR: "Do you agree with me? I -- I said that Trump wouldn’t have won if Dr. King were alive. Do you think that’s true?"
LEWIS: "I agree with you."
BEHAR: "You agree? Yeah."
LEWIS: "If Martin Luther King had been alive, no, Dr. King would have been able to lead us to a different place. And our country would be different."

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