Noah: Trump Chose the ‘Whitest’ Country Where He Wants To Get Immigrants From

‘People are super-white, so white they wear moon screen’

NOAH: "Guys, I don’t know how to break this to you, but I think the president might be racist. No, no wait, wait, here me out. I know I sound crazy. I know I sound crazy. You know what, personally as someone from south shithole, I’m offended, Mr. President, okay, I’m offended. Because, because not only does he think brown countries are shitholes, he thinks what, we’re never going to know what he said? I mean don’t get me wrong T might take a few weeks but as soon as the news donkey reaches our village, we’ll be so mad, so mad! Like what do you think? And you know, I know that everyone is focusing on him calling countries shitholes and whatever, I’m like whatever, you can say whatever you want, but you know what part put it over the line for me is Norway. Yeah, when he said where he wanted immigrants to come, from he didn’t just name a white country. He named the whitest country. Yeah, he didn’t even go with like a more subtle country that might leave it up in the air, you know, like we need to let in more people from Portugal. Hmmmm. What does that mean. No, he goes for Norway. People are super-white, so white they wear moon screen, that is how white they are. It is almost like yesterday when trump met with the prime minister of Norway he was like what do you guys do with your black people. And she was like oh, we don’t have any, he was like wow!"

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