Hannity: Evidence of Corruption and Bias Inside Mueller’s Team Keeps Piling Up

‘It gets complicated and we’ll break it down’

HANNITY: "We have incredible development and it is complicated. Sarah Carter breaking news, Andrew Wiseman special counsel met with reporters from the ap, about Paul Manafort’s case before joining the Russian investigation. We have a follow-up on how Clinton bought and paid for phony fake Russian dossier was used to obtainifieser warrant and then spy on then candidate and president- elect president Trump campaign. We are scratching the surface tonight. Plus, President Trump is reacting and raising new questions about the corrupt Russian investigation. We have a deep dive on the dirty dossier you will not see anywhere else. 60 minutes correspondent Lara log an here with a preview of the story on the war on Afghanistan. First the opening monologue with a lot of breaking news. The evidence of corruption and bias inside of special counsellor Mueller’s team keeps piling up. It gets complicated and we’ll break it down to up." 

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