Anderson Cooper Shreds Trump’s Anchor ‘Letters’ Claim: ‘Highly Believable, Totally Normal Thing’

‘Those words are actually made up of letters, but that’s not generally accepted in reality to mean the same thing as ‘letters of congratulation that anchors sent to the President’

Anderson Cooper Ridicules Trump’s Anchor ‘Letters’ Claim: ‘Highly Believable, Totally Normal Thing’ (Mediaite)

Anderson Cooper ended his show tonight by lampooning President Trump‘s weird claim about positive media coverage.

Trump heralded the mainstream media praise for his public, bipartisan immigration meeting today and strangely claimed that he’s received “letters” from anchors about it.

“Major kudos to the United States Postal Service for delivering those letters so fast,” Cooper dryly said, while adding that this is a “highly believable, totally normal thing that would absolutely happen.”

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