Lundergan Grimes Dodges Questions on ObamaCare, Gay Marriage, Marijuana

McConnell’s opponent repeatedly refused to answer basic yes-or-no policy questions during an interview with KSR

NN MALE HOST: “Do you believe marijuana should be legal?”

LUNDERGAN GRIMES: “I think that the current laws that are on the books, we’ve got to follow. But this past general assembly session —“ [crosstalk]

NN MALE HOST: “I know we have to follow, but if you were the one in charge — if a bill came before the Senate that said, in America the recreational use of marijuana would be allowed, would you vote for it or not?”

LUNDERGAN GRIMES: “Well, this past general assembly session we saw cannabis oil. The arguments that were made before the state general assembly on how it could actually help children with severe disorders. And I was very much in favor of that. I am in favor of having the discussion especially to reclassify the use of marijuana. We haven’t had the senator that’s even wanted to have those discussions so—“

NN MALE HOST: “But that’s still not an answer. I mean, would you vote if a bill came up, let’s say like in Colorado, which says, you know, to legalize marijuana, would you vote for that or not? I mean, I appreciate the phrase let’s have a discussion, but that don’t get me anywhere —“ [crosstalk]


NN MALE HOST: “Do you believe gay people in America across the board should be able to get married?”
LUNDERGAN GRIMES: “I respect churches and their teachings, and I don’t expect any church to adhere to something that’s not in keeping with their teachings. But my husband and I, who is standing right there behind Shannon. Watch out Shannon —“
NN MALE HOST: “We will get to Shannon, but on that issue?”
LUNDERGAN GRIMES: “We’ve been married for 8 years and I think that others across this nation here in Kentucky deserve that same ability to make that same commitment.”


NN MALE HOST: "If a vote came up to repeal ObamaCare, what would you vote?”
LUNDERGAN GRIMES: “I've said that the Affordable Care Act here in this state connect -- we have over half a million people who are getting insurance for the first time. It's not perfect, we got to work to fix it, but we've got to have senator there that wants to fix it."
NN MALE HOST: “So you would not vote to repeal it?”

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