De Niro at Awards Show: Trump ‘Jerk-off-in-Chief,’ ‘F*cking Fool’

‘Thank for speaking out on matters of conscience that matters to all of us’

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DE NIRO: "It was fascinating to watch The Post. That story took place nearly 50 years ago but there are many parallels today obviously. At the time of the story Donald Trump was suffering from 'bone spurs'. Today, the world is suffering from the real Donald Trump. Come on! Let's go! What are we talking about? Let's clap for that. This f*cking idiot is the president. (Applause) It's the Emperor's New Clothes -- the guy is a f*cking fool. Come on!

The publication of the Pentagon Papers was a proud moment for American journalism. The Times and the Post challenged the government over critical First Amendment issues. And the press prevailed. Our government today, with the propping [up] of our baby-in-chief has -- the jerkoff-in-chief I call him, has put the press under siege, trying to discredit it through outrageous attacks and lies. And again just like 1971 the press is distinguishing itself with brave, exacting journalism." 

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