Dan Sullivan: South Korea Has to Hold Talks with N. Korea from a Position of Strength

‘In terms of the talks, South Korea has to remember they need to do it from a position of strength’


PERINO: "Let me ask you bout this with North Korea. I know you fellow this very closely. The talks are set for next Tuesday. I think that Congressman Royce has a point. You know, there is a danger here. Talks could be good but talks to what end is the question?"
SULLIVAN: "Yeah. Well look, I think in terms of the talks, we -- South Korea has to remember they need to do it from a position of strength."
PERINO: "Absolutely."
SULLIVAN: "And when you mentioned in your teaser for this part of the program, you know, we need to be rebuilding our military strength. And it’s important to remember, we are digging out of the hole from 2010 to 2016. We cut defense spending by almost 25 percent, but we are rebuilding that up with the national defense authorization act that would pass the Congress and was signed by the president dramatically increases spending, troop levels and importantly, Dana, missile defense which is going to be a key part of our strategy dealing with North Korea or Iran."

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