Hannity Blasts ‘Fake News Jake’ Tapper for ‘Taking Marching Orders’ from ‘Trump Hating’ Jeff Zucker

‘They will drag this out as long as possible until the next crisis they create comes along’

HANNITY: "This is how bad it is. Look at the graphic from CNN, fake news Jake at that point per and what he used earlier today to talk about the new Michael Wolff book. Mental fitness? Really? Now in a way I feel sorry for fake news Jake. He has to take his marching orders from his trump-hating soon to be scandaled plagued Zucker who is best friends with Matt Lauer. They will drag this out as long as possible until the next crisis they create comes along. If it’s nuclear war coming two days later they will forget about it. Here is the thing when it comes to the media in this country. Biased abusive attacks against this president are unprecedented. Buff you know what? In a way they have always shown their liberal bias. The media has been an extension of the democratic Party for decades. Here’s the proof. They have a long history of breathless, hysterical reporting but only when conservatives or Republicans are occupying the white House."

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