Blumenthal: Sessions Should Not Resign

‘They think he should resign because he hasn’t gotten the Russian investigation under control’

BLITZER: “Thanks very much. Very interesting development. We’re back with democratic senator Richard Blumenthal of the Judiciary Committee, do you think he should resign?
BLUMENTHAL: “No, he should not resign. And I was probably the first member of the judiciary Committee to say I would oppose his nomination. I voted against them there and on the floor of the Senate. I differed with them on many, many issues, but the members of the freedom caucus, the hard right wing of the Republican Party and the house of represents has stated their agenda. They think he should resign because he hasn’t gotten the Russian investigation under control. That is exactly what Jeff Sessions should not be doing. He’s recused himself, properly, because he was involved in contacts with the Russians and potential collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. That is the subject of the Mueller investigation, he should not be a part of it, he should not resign because it would disrupt the special counsel investigation and that is part of the concerted, coordinated, concentrated agenda of the trump sycophant defenders to demean and discredit the Mueller investigation.”

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