Sen. Booker on Sessions’ Marijuana Policy Change: ‘This Is an Attack on Our Most Sacred Ideals’

‘And the very purpose of the Department of Justice which is to protect Americans’


BOOKER: "We heard already from the other Cory in the Senate, Republican senator Cory Gardner, that he had a commitment from the Attorney General that before his confirmation that this is not what he would do. So this is an attack on our most sacred ideals and the very purpose of the Department of Justice which is to protect Americans, to elevate ideals of justice, and to do right by people. It is a failure of this administration who said, as our president did during his campaign, that he would honor what states are doing. It’s a betrayal of our Attorney General who gave a commitment to at least one Republican member of this body. But most significantly, it is hurting — it will hurt America. It ignores the fact that there is a growing bipartisan consensus that the war on drug has failed. It sacrificed our critical urgently needed resources in our communities, violating our values, destroying families, and it's failed to make us safer.”

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