Obama: We Can Tackle Climate Change if We Don’t Rely on Ideas from Another Century

‘The science tells us we can only succeed in combating climate change if we’re joined in this effort by every other nation’

Speaking today at the United Nations, President Obama said the world can tackle global warming if we don't rely on ideas from "another century":

America is pursuing ambitious reductions in our carbon emissions, and we have increased our investments in clean energy. We will do our part, and help developing nations to do theirs. But we can only succeed in combating climate change if we are joined in this effort by every major power. That’s how we can protect this planet for our children and grandchildren. 

On issue after issue, we cannot rely on a rule-book written for a different century. If we lift our eyes beyond our borders – if we think globally and act cooperatively – we can shape the course of this century as our predecessors shaped the post-World War II age.

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