Hurt: It Would Be Very Smart for Dems ‘to Listen to Smart Democrats Like’ Debbie Dingell on Impeachment

‘She talks about the issues that Democrats lost on in the presidential election’


LEVENTHAL: "Charlie Hurt is opinion editor for the 'Washington Times' and a FOX News contributor and joins us here in New York City. I understand the Democrats don’t like the president, don’t agree with the president, but impeachment, really?"
HURT: "Yeah, it’s a real problem. You know, obviously mid-terms like this are often difficult for the party that is in the White House. But — and this can sort of cause the people that are out of power thinking that they are going to sweep in to get a little delusional about things because you can’t beat something with nothing. And if they go after — there are really two tracks here. One is this impeachment thing that obviously far too many Democrats I think are, you know, putting their eggs in that basket. But the other one is the economy. They are banking on the economy being bad and this is going to push them into power. What if the economy is good --"
HURT: "-- and what if this Mueller investigation continues to go nowhere? It would be very smart for Democrats to listen to smart Democrats like Debbie Dingell, who was on Speacial Report last night, talking about this."
HURT: "To listen to her. Becaue she's -- it's her -- you know, she represents the people of Michigan. She -- you know, she talks about the issues that Democrats lost on in the presidential election. And if Hillary Clinton had listened more to Debbie Dingell and Democrats like that, we wouldn’t be talking about President Trump at first place."

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