Begala: Trump’s ‘Autocrat’ Who Is ‘Trying to Enrich Himself in Office’

‘The Democrats have done very well politically in the year of Trump’

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BEGALA: "I’m sorry, I just think it is a-historical. It is false, Rick. The Democrats would gladly work with him."
SANTORUM: "Donald Trump is a conservative ideologue."
BEGALA: "He’s an autocrat. Democrats are unwilling to line the wealthy’s pockets. They won a landslide in Virginia and swept — maybe even the majority of the house of delegates. A huge landslide in New Jersey, a blue state, and they won a Senate race in Alabama! Now, I know there were allegations of child molestation, probably not the best issue there, but if you just explain it like that, it’s like when Scott brown won the Senate seat in Massachusetts. All the Democrats owe it to one office, no big deal. But then we rolled into the biggest landslide in the midterm.

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