Ruben Gallego: The Only Thing the Russians Understand Is Power; They Don’t Understand Compromise

‘They never will understand compromise’


GALLEGO: "It’s Russia being Russia. I’m glad there are elements of the Trump Administration who are not going to let the pu tin regime woo them. But this is what Russia does, it started with Georgia when they used warfare to invade a democratic elected country and continued on to other countries. We do need to put them in check. They’re complaining now because there’s an actual movement, not just by the United States but other western countries to put them in check. That’s the only thing the Russians understand is power. They do not understand compromise, they never will understand compromise. At some point we’re going to have to use what has always put Russia in check which is strong political will by democracies to pen them in. And eventually let their own corruption as a government destroy what is the Putin administration."

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