Katrina Pierson: ‘The Special Interest for President Trump Is the American People’

‘He wanted to come here and drain the swamp and start to put things right’


VARNEY: "Next case; the Democrats have launched a year-long fight against the tax plan. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tweeting, quote, 'Republicans have spent all of 2017 throwing gift-wrapped handouts to their donors and special interests. Now, they do everything they can to avoid actually addressing the needs of every day Americans. #DoYourJob.' Katrina Pierson, former Trump 2016 campaign spokesperson is with us. You like this, don't you? You welcome the Democrats having a go at you. Because, you think that this makes Trump still look good right?"
PIERSON: "Oh, absolutely, Stuart. And she is right. That's exactly what the GOP has been doing, working on their special interest group, the American people. This is something that the candidate-Trump had promised to do. He wanted to come here and drain the swamp and start to put things right. This is just the beginning. In year one, Stuart, we have the stock market surging, 401(k)s are going up, wages are going up. We now have bonuses going to people who haven’t had bonuses in years. So absolutely, Nancy Pelosi is right. I hope they continue this narrative because the special interest for President Trump is the American people."

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