‘Morning Joe’: If the Gov. of Minn. Had Been a Republican, Franken Would Still Be There

‘There are people sitting in office, including the United States Senate who have done worse than Franken’


SCARBOROUGH: "And even if they at the end of the day decide to censure or expel or just leave it to the voters of Minnesota or Alabama or Kansas or whatever state, that’s actually the best thing to do. It’s called due process. We have it for a reason. But the reason it gets whipped aside with Al Franken, Alabama." 
GEIST: "There is no question about it. There is no question about it." 
STEIN: "They wouldn't have done it if the governor of Minnesota was a Republican." 
SCARBOROUGH: "Exactly. If the governor had been a Republican of Minnesota, Al Franken." 
STEIN: "There is no way. He still would be there."

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