CNN’s Blinken: The President’s Ongoing Collusion with Russia’s Plans Is Striking

‘The president rejects the fact that there was even an attack’


BLINKEN: "Well it really should be front and center. Because, what’s so striking and what we've been learning again and again and again is that instead of dealing with Russia on this problem, instead of confronting it, the president rejects the reality of the attack on our election and the attack on our democracy. There hasn't apparently been a single cabinet level meeting. You know, Kate, this is not about relitigating the 2016 election, it's about protecting 2018 and 2020. And the administration is taking no steps to protect out elections going forward. Worse than that, at the same time, every time the president tears down the FBI, or Mueller, or any of our institutions, he is actually doing Mr. Putin’s bidding. It's exactly what Putin was trying to do in our elections. That is so doubt, about the credibility and legitimacy of our institutions. The president’s ongoing collusion with Russia’s plans is really striking, intentional or not."

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