Stephen Cohen on Trump-Russia Collusion Stories: I’ve Never Seen Media Malpractice Like This

‘I have never seen anything like this before’

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COHEN: "It has been alleged. Allegedly within the intelligence industry Mike community , but it was a few people and a couple of intelligence agencies. If you read on and “The Washington Post” story in the first paragraph, they go back to this claim that is the consistent consensus of the intelligence agency. I’ve been a professor for a long time, and a paid consultant for major television network. I admire mainstream media. I learned a lot, but I have never seen them malpractice like that, before in my life. With that constitutes is essentially, making allegations for which there is non verified facts of information or evidence, and then commentary on it. Briefly put, it said that somehow, Trump had been compromised by Putin, the leader of Russia, and then when Trump does diplomacy with Putin, they call it treason. I have never seen anything like this before."

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