Joy Ann Reid: ‘Trump Is an Authoritarian of the First Order, and He’s Behaving Like One’

‘It seems Donald Trump has the tools of authoritarianism down’

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MATTHEWS: "Listening to this alarm bell from all of these right wingers and commentators and right-wing commentators, you would think they’re ready for a military coup. We have to disgrace, like the Greek generals or somewhere in Argentina. We have to disgrace the entire U.S. Justice system to justify overthrowing it. What’s coming here?"
REID: "You know, that “Washington Post” story said that two of Donald Trump’s favorite world leaders are Erdogan of Turkey and Vladimir Putin. It seems Donald Trump has the tools of authoritarianism down. He that the dance of authoritarianism down to a science. Step one, claim the investigation of you is a fraud. Being conducted by enemies of the state. Step two, get your state-run media, your affinity media to echo that into your base and whip them up into a frenzy against those investigating you. Step three, get the state party, in this case the Republican Party, to echo that from the seat of government and say, wait a minute. The people investigating the president are themselves criminals. Create this feedback loop that creates a feeding frenzy that has now essentially got Republicans claiming that Bob Mueller, probably the most respected member of law enforcement in the last 30, 40 years in the United States, essentially being characterized as a criminal, and then of course, you have to add that last step. Call for the prosecution of your political enemies in this case, dredging up Hillary Clinton to again call to lock her up. Donald Trump is an authoritarian of the first order, and he’s behaving like one."

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