Reporter to Ryan: Should Members of Congress Be Allowed to Sleep in Their Offices Considering This Sexual Harassment Climate?

‘We sleep in our offices because we work until about midnight and we get up early in the morning. It actually is a convenience factor’


REPORTER: “Thank you. For a long time, this is going on for decades, members of Congress have slept in their offices. You have slept in your office for years, members, you know, show this as a sign of fiscal frugality.”
RYAN: “More of a convenience thing, but yeah.”
REPORTER: “But in this climate of sexual harassment and people prowling around from their offices to the house gym and so on, should members of Congress be allowed to sleep in their offices considering this climate, is this a time and place --" [crosstalk]
RYAN: "I don't -- I -- I --"
REPORTER: "-- and would you set the example, Mr. Speaker?”
RYAN: “Yeah, I don’t see the point. We sleep in our offices because we work until about midnight and we get up early, early in the morning." 

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