Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier Wants to Invoke 25th Amendment to Remove Trump

‘I have been speaking about the invocation of the 25th amendment since early this year’


SPEIER: “Well, I have been speaking out about the invocation of the 25th Amendment since early this year because I do think the president is not equipped to do the job. When he lashed out at Kim Jong-un and said we — he wasn’t yet going to feel the fire and fury, I mean he was inciting an international incident. He was inciting nuclear war. And the 25th Amendment is there to be invoked by the vice president and the majority of the members of the cabinet if the president is incapacitated.”
CAMEROTA: “But you think the president is incapacitated? You think the president — that President Trump is mentally unfit somehow?”
SPEIER: “I do believe that he does not conduct himself in a manner that is consistent with the presidency of the United States. Lashing out at members of both houses, lashing out at foreign leaders, creating conflict instead of creating consensus, those are not the qualifications, nor the skills, that we want to see in a president.”

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