President Trump Signs H.R. 2810, NDAA: ‘Only When the Good Are Strong, Will Peace Prevail’

‘We’ve had more success with ISIS in the last 8 months than the... previous administration has had in it’s entire 8 year term’


TRUMP: "In recent years, our military has undergone a series of deep budget cuts that have severely impacted our readiness, shrunk our capabilities and placed substantial burdens on our war fighters, and great war fighters they are. History teaches us that when you weaken your defenses, you invite aggression. The best way to prevent conflict of any kind is to be prepared and really be prepared. Only when the good are strong will peace prevail. Today with the signing of this defense bill, we accelerate the process of fully restoring America’s military might. I also want to thank Senator John McCain for the work he’s done on this bill. He has fought very, very hard to make it just the way he wants it and that we all want it. This legislation will enhance our readiness, expand and modernize our forces and help provide our service members with the tools that they need to fight and to win. We will fight and win, but hopefully with this we won’t have to fight because people will not be wanting to fight with us."

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