Byron York: Knowledge of Trump Dossier Went All The Way the Person Just Below Sally Yates at Obama DoJ

‘Many of us thought it stayed contained in the FBI; the news now is that it did not’

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CAVUTO: "They called it a trump dossier during the campaign. Various allegations back and forth, stuff never substantiated. The guy getting interested in it was sharing it with the Obama White House at the time. The Washington Examiner, Byron York on what we’re looking at here.
YORK: "Hi, Neil. What we’re finding out, knowledge of the dossier went up higher in the Obama Administration than we knew up. We knew that Christopher Steele, the former British spy that compiled the dossier for the Clinton campaign, we knew he took it to the FBI. He took it installments. Many of us thought it stayed contained in the FBI. The news now is that it did not. That the person at the highest levels of the Justice Department met with Christopher Steele, also met with Glen Simpson of Fusion GPS that put the dossier together. So what we know now is that knowledge of the dossier went all the way up to what is called the associate deputy attorney general level, which is right next to the number 2 person in the Justice Department. At that time it was Sally Yates. Remember her? She’s the one that the president fired because she defied him on his executive order and became an anti trump public voice."
CAVUTO: "So in the end, what happened to Bruce Orr?"
YORK: "He’s still there. He had two jobs. One was this associate deputy attorney general job. The other was head of an anti drug task force. The Justice Department, when they found out about this and we’re talking yesterday or the day before, they demoted him. They took him out of that associate deputy attorney general job and put him all the time in the drug enforcement job."

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