Eric Schiffer on Pelosi Calling Tax Cuts ‘Armageddon’: ‘Clueless,’ She ‘Has No Understanding of How the Economy Works’

‘They’re taking a myopic look, a very partisan look and missing the big picture’

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MacDONALD: “This boycott of the event lie the civil rights icons and they are heros to the civil rights movement what do you think Eric it has any impact politically on the president?
SCHIFFER: “I think it will have an impact in a positive way. You have a situation where this is the president of the United States. These are people who frankly think he’s a racist but are instead of doing what I think Martin Luther King would have done, now Martin Luther King tremendous leader, he would have sat down with Donald Trump. He would have wanted to search for solutions, but instead what these guys are doing is dividing at a time where we need to bring people together on be half of all Americans. They’re not doing that and I think that it’s unfortunate. I think Donald Trump should be credited for trying to bring people together, like Martin Luther King.”
MacDONALD: “House minority leader, we have the sound bite, Nancy Pelosi. Watch what she says on the back end of this sound bite about the Democrat outlook on all things in the government, the way to fix things is to raise your taxes. Roll tape.”
PELOSI: “This healthcare, the debate on healthcare is like death. This is Armageddon. This is a very big deal because do you know why? There’s really a very hard way to come back from this. They take us further, more deeply into debt. What can you do but raise taxes?”
MacDONALD: “Did you hear that Eric what do you think of that? What can you do but raise taxes?”
SCHIFFER: “This angers me because first of all it’s clueless and shows no understanding of how the economy works. When you start to lower taxes on corporations, CEO’s like me and others, they want to invest. You want to put money back in. You want to take the risk. You want to get the rewards. You want to venture out and that’s what drives things, that creates jobs. So they’re taking a myopic look, a very partisan look and missing the big picture. We need to continue this economy growing. You do it through tax cuts. It’s a smart move. It’s great to see everyone coming together and the president will finally have a great win.”
MacDONALD: “You know what it is so astonishing that the media is not picking up on this that Nancy Pelosi has built this scale rotic system that she sits on top of that nexus of power and doles out the jobs people get on be half of the Democrats and so much to the point that Democrats are fleeing the house to go to the Senate to get away from Nancy Pelosi. It is this kind of thinking that’s destroying the Democrat party and driven their representation of the house down to levels not seen since the 1920s.”
BORELLI: “It’s all doom and gloom from the Democrats, it’s scare tactics they don’t want to talk about the facts on the table and again look at what’s going on with the economy with tax cuts there’s now going to be certainty within the economy, within companies, individuals are looking forward to these tax cuts especially businesses, small businesses.”
MacDONALD: “But it’s not your money. It’s Nancy Pelosi’s money. It’s not our money. It’s Charles Schumer, right Eric Nancy Pelosi’s money not our money. She gets it.”
SCHIFFER: “She certainly is not the people’s money and certainly , people like Pelosi and others are out of touch with what’s going on in terms of what creates jobs, they don’t get it. It’s about time, we need tax cuts to stay competitive. There are other countries that are far more competitive than ours, they’re taking jobs from us. We need to fight back and keep America strong.”
MacDONALD: “I testify for Congress, I never forgot it. Charlie rangle, talking about the tax cut in a hearing testifying about the IRS and tax reform and I said flat tax. He said it does not deliver the revenue the government needs to live on. That’s what he said. Amazing Eric and Deneen, thank you so much we hope you both have a good weekend. Millennials complaining in a new

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