Rep. Al Green Presents Articles of Impeachment: Trump ‘Has Harmed the Society of the United States’

‘Brought shame and dishonor to the office of President of the United States’


TRUMP: "In his capacity as president of the United States, unmindful of the high duties of his high office and the dignity and proprieties thereof and of the harmony and courtesies necessary for stability within the society of the United States, Donald John Trump has with his statements done more than incite individuals and groups of Americans, more than insult individuals and groups of Americans. He has harmed the society of the United States, brought shame and dishonor to the office of president of the United States, sowing discord among the people of the United States by associating the majesty and dignity of the presidency with causes rooted in white supremacy, bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, white nationalism or neo-Nazism on one or more of the following occasions. On August 15, 2017, Donald John Trump made a widely published statement criticizing a group of — characterizing a group of anti-Semites, bigots, racists, white nationalists and Ku Klux Klansmen who rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia, as very fine people. On August 7, 2017, hate groups returned to Charlottesville, Virginia at the statue of Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general, chanting, 'You will not replace us.' Since this event on October 7, the President has made many widely published statements about many things, including the National Football League, but has not made one widely published statement condemning the hate groups for returning to the place where an innocent person lost her life at the hands of hate." 

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