MSNBC Guest: When Trump Attacks the FBI, He’s ‘an Enemy of the State’

‘This is more Trump first, America second’


WATTS: "This is more Trump first, America second. I was worried a years about Russia tearing down democratic institutions. I'm more worried about our president tearing down democratic institutions. He is the leader of the executive branch. He should be the one setting the tone for the FBI. He should be supporting them, pushing them in the right direction. If he does believe they're in Tatters, which I believe is absolute nonsense, the best way to go about that is be a leader, set an agenda. Instead he is going on the attack. And that's going to backfire on him. It may solidify his base. But it's also undermining our country. He is actually weakening the credibility of the federal law enforcement agency for the entire United States. He is going to sow doubt in their ability, and he is going to hurt the ability of our law enforcement and judicial systems with his claims. So he is an enemy of the state whenever he is pushing against the FBI in that way. And if he finds that the FBI is in Tatters, well, I would sure like to know how he would like to improve that because he has never offered anything about why it's both in Tatters or what he would do about it. It's a sad state of affairs."

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