Dershowitz: Flynn Plea Is Not a ‘Show of Strength’ by Mueller

‘If Flynn had very strong material against the president, the president would have pardoned him’


DERSHOWITZ: "Too many people are elevating hope over reality, people who want to see the President go down, but this is not a show of strength. If Flynn had very strong material against the President, the President would have pardoned him. The President allowed him to make a deal with the Special Counsel and the deal is not a particularly good one for the Special Counsel because he had been indicted for lying. That makes him a worthless witness. Any criminal defense attorney can destroy him on the witness stand, just say, 'This is the guy who already admitted to lying, who is doing this to save his son and himself. He is not only singing, he is composing. He is making up stories or exaggerating stories in order to give the prosecution what they want.' So I don’t see this as a show of strength. A show of strength would have been indicting him for conspiracy, that included other people. But indicting him for lying to the F.B.I. about something that wasn't itself a crime doesn’t to me show that the prosecution at this point is on very strong ground."

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