Kevin McCarthy: Anti-Trump Messages by FBI Agent Raise a Lot of Questions About the Mueller Investigation

‘The House has an investigation and the Senate does, and they all should be separate’


KILMEADE: "All right. Now, there’s another major story out there today, of course is, where is Mike Flynn and Mike Flynn coming in and taking a plea? What does it mean of the big picture? Then we find out about an FBI agent who did the interview with Hillary Clinton who released the 35,000 e-mails and said there was nothing there when they found Anthony Weiner’s laptop, was part of the Mueller investigation. It turns out they found in texts, him texting his feelings of hate towards Donald Trump and plus for Hillary Clinton to a woman he’s having an affair with in the FBI. So as this comes out, he’s now removed and put into human resources. What can you tell us about Mr. Strzok?"
MCCARTHY: "Well that, that raises a lot of questions. And remember, it’s not the FBI looking at this. The House has an investigation and the Senate does, and they all should be separate. The House Intel committee under Chairman Nunes actually requested and had a subpoena to communicate with this individual just to ask questions back in August, and he has never been before them. It’s interesting why he's never come before them, because this person is so critical in one interviewing Hillary Clinton and coming to that conclusion. Why do they even start this investigation? We now know this dossier is not true in the aspect and paid for by Democrats. It just raises so many more questions that I think people need to come forward in this investigation and follow through if they’ve been subpoenaed to answer them so we get the real answers."

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