Ingraham Slams Media over First Lady Double Standard: ‘Leave the First Lady Alone and Enjoy the Decorations’

‘So, if Melania Trump were a liberal, this would be a non-stop love fest from the media’


INGRAHAM: "All right. Hillary, we are all damsels in distress and you're just Joan of Arc. Well, long ago, these icons of the left sounded the dog whistle that it was okay to trash conservative women, and their media lackeys followed orders. It’s disgraceful that the White House garden planted and maintained by the Park Service was celebrated for years in the media as a veritable Garden of Eden because it was dreamt up by Michelle Obama. But when a conservative First Lady decorates the White House and spends time with D.C. school children, she is accused of exploiting them and was savaged for her wardrobe. What happened to women being able to choose whatever they want to wear whenever they want to wear it? They are always pro-choice when it comes to aborting babies, but you now can’t choose what you want to wear? It’s a glaring double standard. It has to end. It's so obvious. Leave the First Lady alone and just enjoy the decorations. It’s Christmas time. Which may well be the most beautiful series of decorations I have ever seen at the White House. And that’s the 'Angle.'"

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