Trump: Dems Want High Taxes, We Want Low Taxes

‘The only thing they like to do is raising taxes’


TRUMP: "You look at the military, we want strong funding for the military, they don't. So many things. As an example, they want high taxes, we want to cut taxes. We're going to cut taxes. We're going to reform, we're going to simplify. They want high taxes, we want low taxes. So there’s a lot of big differences. So we’ll see what happens as to shut down. We'll see. But right now, things have changed over the last two hours. Because two hours ago, a missile was launched. I think that will have a huge effect on Schumer and Pelosi, I think. We'll see. We're going to learn very soon. They should be calling immediately and say, we want to see you, but probably they want, because nothing to them is important other than raising taxes. That’s the only thing they like to do is raising taxes."

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