MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt to Franken: What’s the Bar for Someone Like You to Have to Resign?

‘What kind of behavior demands a resignation?’


HUNT: “You made it clear you’re not going to resign your Senate seat. There have been a lot of accusations against a lot of people that have been in the conversation lately. In your view, what’s the bar for someone like you to have to resign? What kind of behavior demands a resignation?”
FRANKEN: “I am not going to get into that or speculate on that. I’m certainly not going to talk to anybody else. This is what I’ve been trying to do. I’ve been trying to take responsibility by apologizing, and by apologizing to the people I’ve let down. And I’m going to work to regain their trust. I’m going to be accountable. We are going to cooperate completely with the ethics investigation.”

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