Alice Stewart on Joe Barton: ‘Best Way To Avoid Being a Victim of Revenge Porn’ Is Not Take Nude Selfies

‘Of all the crime prevention tips out there’


STEWART: "It is embarrassing. I think he could have, if he would have left it alone right after his apology and gone about his business, but the fact that he’s now encouraging capitol police to investigate this is going to be problematic. He’s asking them to look at this as a case of revenge porn. Look of all the crime prevention tips out there, note to folks that are doing this, the best way to avoid being a victim of revenge porn is not to take nude selfies and send them to people. He could have done himself a favor by letting this lie at the first incident but he’s it continuing to bring it on. The troubling thing we’re looking at taxpayer funded covering the hush funds of members of Congress. That is going to be really problematic and I applaud senator Gillibrand and representative speer for the me too act which will look at doing away with taxpayer funded paying off sexual harassment claims. That is a critical step."

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