CNN’s Ryan Lizza: ‘There Is Obvious Racist Overtones’ with Trump’s Lavar Ball Tweets

‘He constantly tweets at and attacks African-American, people of color from Twitter’

SCIUTTO: "Listen, we can overlook at the president’s tweets, but this was a pretty remarkable tweet and I want to put it up on the screen there. Calling lavar ball a poor man’s version of Don King, an ungrateful fool, exclamation point. Looks like there is some dog whistling going on there, Ryan. Wouldn’t you agree?"
LIZZA: "What does that mean? Randomly comparing him to another African-American celebrity and bizarrely one of the few African-American surrogates that trump had."
SCIUTTO: "Supported him."
LIZZA: "I don’t know how to analyze it. I don’t know exactly what he’s saying, but there’s been a lot of commentary from a lot of people who, like you said, dog whistle. There is obvious racist overtones here. He constantly tweets at and attacks African-American, people of color from Twitter. He has some issue with people of color who call him out. It’s just — it is a pattern. I know I’ve said this in the past and people said, oh, well, he calls everyone out, it’s not a race thing. I think it’s a race thing."

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