Malkin: When Libs Blame Republicans for the ‘War on Women, They’re Projecting Their Own ‘Pathologies’

‘Each and every one of these allegations needs to be vetted’


MALKIN: "The House Ethics Committee is infamous for administering wrist slaps rather than actual spankings and consequences for bad behaviors. And the fact that you have Maxine Waters out there endorsing the impeccable integrity of John Conyers shows you everything that’s wrong with the swamp. Maxine Watters herself, of course, got off almost scot-free related to her own ethics scandal involving use of tarp money that she distributed to one of her crony banking projects. So, look, what I have to say about this and I am somebody who was an intern on Capitol Hill some 25, almost 30 years ago now, God, do I feel old, all right. And -- and -- and the fact that you have the swamp being exposed now as a place where largely a lot of these Democratic leaders were not policing themselves, shows you that when they blame Republicans for war on women, what this really was about was psychological projection. In -- in other words, them projecting their own pathologies within these swamps whether we are talking about Washington or Hollywood or Academia, when they themselves are guilty of so much of this behavior and unleashing this culture of misogyny on America."

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