York on LaVar Ball Tweet: A ‘Classic Trump Counter-Attack,’ He Wins Just Like with the NFL

‘It’s just one of those feuds, not a big deal, but the president wins’

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YORK: "This is a feud where the president wins just like in the NFL protests. First of all, the President actually did play a role in helping to release these three basketball players. When they thanked him for doing that, the President released a fairly gracious statement telling them to stay out of trouble and have a great life. It was only after the father LaVar Ball came out and said one, that Trump didn’t do anything to help his son, and two, that shoplifting isn’t a big deal anyway, that the President struck back. It's a classic Trump counter-attack. And in this case it will have the support not only of his base but most Americans who oppose shoplifting. So it’s just one of those feuds, it's not a big deal, but the President wins."

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