Dem Rep. Robin Kelly Dodges on Whether Al Franken Should Step Down

‘I think that’s up to the people of Minnesota’

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TAPPER: Do you think Al Franken should resign?

KELLY: I think that’s up to the people of Minnesota. And I do think we need to have the ethics investigation first.

TAPPER: What do you think?

CAPUTO: I mean, he’s not up until 20. I just think there should be a fair standard applied to everyone. I think it’s outrageous that a sitting senator who is a grown man did this while on a USO tour with lots of other people around. I think he should be so ashamed and embarrassed.

He should resign.

CAPUTO: I think he is.

KELLY: He is.

CARPENTER: But I want (ph) to (ph) — he’s going to continue to be a senator I think he needs to have a public, you know, explanation and go through the interview process, go talk to that woman. But, yes, I think he should step down because I want standards reinforce for the places like the United States Senate.

CAPUTO: Like a special election?

CARPENTER: Yes. I want —


CARPENTER: I think the governor of Alabama should remove him from the race. I want standards.


CAPUTO: The people of Minnesota —

KELLY: It’s not just the Republican, Democrat or independent —


KELLY: It’s a problem if Hollywood, D.C. —


KELLY: — and in between, people that just go to work every day. It’s a problem for them too.

TAPPER: Thanks one and all for being here.

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