Chadwick Moore on Franken: ‘Sinister’ When You Realize Libs Don’t Care About People and Only Care About Power

‘They only care about one thing’

MOORE: "That is how it is. Look at Hollywood. Look at everything happening now. Al the allegations coming down. Even just aside from basic hypocrisy. We have everyone on the left coming off Roy Moore, been coming after Roy Moore, you know, it’s their own team, they don’t know what to do. This is not merely hypocrisy. There’s something more sinister on the left when they built a party platform, that tells people like women, like gays, like blacks that you’re victims and we’re here to protect you. The other side hates you. What happens when people come out especially in the allegations now? Sometimes the women are attacked by the left. Joy Behar called Bill Clinton’s accusers tramps. So it becomes more sinister when you realize that they don’t care about these people, about these groups that they purport to be standing up for. They only care about one thing. That one thing is power."

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